Friday, December 01, 2006

How is it we create the "bad" events???

Recently I was participating in a discussion that demonstated how challenging it is to believe we create our reality, when what is happening in our reality is challenging. Here was my perspective in the regards to this conversation.

I've come to recognize that the question of "do we create our reality?" leans to also being interpreted as "are we responsible for everything that happens in our life?" - which is a whole different question. I think we create it - and most of what we create is done at an unconscious level and when we are creating unconsciously we are not responsible for our creation. The gift comes when we do become conscious of how we are getting the experiences we get - we then have the ability to respond to our lives in a conscious way and make changes.
Does this mean that we are then 100% responsible for what happens? Absolutely not - because the unconscious mind is still at play. But we can have more control over what happens. And if we do what it takes to understand the workings of the unconscious mind, we can also shift it so that we can even more so consciously create our lives.

The unconscious includes all the thoughts and memories that the conscious mind doesn't include. All we've ever witnessed, read, thought, believed, learnt all of it gets stored there. When I say that we create from there as well - that will also mean that we are unaware of what unconscious thoughts lead to the creation. These thoughts are energetic vibration - that is being proven scientifically. Read Molecules of Emotion from Candace Pert.

Who we are encompasses our conscious selves, unconscious selves, and our greater selves. Our greater (there are other words for this) selves includes the vibrations of all we've ever been (past lives included for people who believe that), who we will ever be as well as all possibilities of who we can be now. We hear from so many sources that our outer reality is a mirror of our inner reality. When I contemplate this, and I'm looking at the pine trees outside my window, and the first snow that is creating a nice blanket on their branches, I wonder how my inner reality is manifesting all of this physical/environmental experience. In my unconscious and greater selves there are many memories and vibrations that include what I am seeing outside me.

When we were looking for a house, my boyfriend and I had a list of what we wanted. What we did not have on the list was the scenery we ended up with. However, I did have pictures in my mind of when I lived with such scenery around me and felt warmth and joy with the memory. In my unconscious mind was stored the thoughts of knowing I am happiest in this type of environment. So one day I'm looking at the MLS listings and see this house with a picture of this back yard and I can feel excitement bubble. We go to see it and the rest is history. How we create from a conscious place is how we gain experiential knowing that we can create our reality.

Now - this is what I think happens when the other things happen that we are unable to link to any conscious thought. Since we are a culmination of all the vibrations mentioned above, in this world of everything being energy vibrating at varying frequencies, it means we have many possible attractor factors going on at every given moment. It is the vibrations that attract each other. The vibrations take on the form of thoughts, memories and result in experience and physical manifestations. So when something unexplainable from the position of our conscious selves happens, it is because we've attracted a vibration from one of the other levels or parts of ourselves to us. So if someone experiences a car accident and knows there was no conscious connection to the event, that is where I suggest that it was manifested from an unconscious/greater self level which may or may not ever be known at the conscious level.

I personally have a hard time completely accepting the possibility that I signed up for a contract before coming - that everything was already planned for my life experience. For me it leads to so many questions about free will and such, yet it does align with the premise of the past present and future all being now. However maybe if my interpretation of what that means changes I may come to accept it..... I remain open. I say this, because if it is true then that is part of the vibrations that encompasses our greater selves - which is included in how we create our experiences. The "we" in the "we create" equals all of our conscious, unconscious and greater selves all together as one.

Friday, November 24, 2006


****note - this entry are the notes to a talk I presented at Unity Church of Ottawa in September of this year - enjoy!!!

I love Secrets.....

I love Secrets! I love being in on the "in". When someone shares a secret with me, I feel so honored and trusted. I love Secrets!

Summary of talk.......
Today's talk is about the Secret to an Abundance life. Actually, the title mentioned "Unity's Secret", however it doesn't belong to any one faith or movement - it is Universal.

I'll be revealing a few Secrets to you today, each leading to the next just as I unveiled them for myself. When someone tells me a secret I can't repeat it with out their permission, however if I've figured it out for myself - which I love doing - sometimes IÂ’m hard to surprise - then I can tell whomever I please, as appropriate of course. And these Secrets are very appropriate to share because we all deserve to live an Abundant life!

First secret - the movie.........

The first secret is presented in a movie called The Secret. Has anyone here seen it?
Of course, when I heard of this movie, I had to see it - because I love secrets.

In the movie The Secret, the secret is about how we can have everything we want in life.
Do you want to know the secret to having everything you want?
The secret in The Secret is the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is the explanation of how it is we come to experience everything we experience in life. That our thoughts become form, and that whatever we focus on we draw to us. Whatever we pay most attention to, we experience more of in our life.
For example, if you are in a shopping mall about to get into the cashier line and you focus on all the long lines, you'll only see all the long lines and could miss the cashier opening up as you are walking by.

My experience discovering the Law of Attraction......

I've been studying the "law of attraction" since before I even knew such a law existed.
Back in the lat90's I started recognizing how my thoughts were manifesting in life, that when I would ask for an event to happen in certain way it would. I really became fascinated by this new ability I had apparently acquired where sometimes what I wanted would mysteriously "just happen". I named my company Conscious Creation because I had realized I could create my reality and I wanted to help other's to do the same. Then I learned about the Law of Attraction which nicely explained my experiences.

Being mindful of how our thoughts manifest........

Now the Law of Attraction - otherwise known as "The Secret" - really emphasizes that we need to be mindful of thoughts, because they do become our reality. Now the good news is that we have so many thoughts and can only be aware of so much at one time, therefore, our thoughts don't all manifest instantaneously, thank goodness. This is demonstrated in the movie as a fellow looks at a postcard with an elephant on it, then turns to see an elephant appear in his living room!
So not all thoughts manifest like that, however my boyfriend and I had an experience that made us aware of how thoughts do manifest.

The day after we had seen the Secret, we were at a pet store, picking up food for our cat Patches. While we were there we were looking at all the cute furry creatures. We were both looking at the rabbits and commenting on how cute they were. I had a picture in my mind of being at home, holding an petting a soft furry rabbit.
Next day, I go to the basement of the apartment we were living in to do laundry. I open the door and straight ahead is a little furry thing. As I'm wondering, "is that a stuffed animal or is it real???...... it turns and looks at me, and then started hopping towards me! It was a rabbit!!
Right away I think "oh my god! What have we done?!? We've manifested a pet bunny! So I go upstairs and get Daniel, tell him I have a surprise... he comes down, sees the bunny and it starts playing with him, chasing his ankles - it was so cute.

As it turns out, both of us had imagined how cute it would be to have a bunny as a pet. And I did end up bringing it upstairs in our apartment for safety, until I ran into the owner during my next trip down to continue the laundry.

How to manage our thoughts.......

Our thoughts do become experiences in our reality, so how do we manage our thoughts, so that only the ones we want to experience in our life happen?
That's a heavy question. Can you imagine having to monitor all your thoughts??? Yikes!
There has got to be a Secret to that one.......

Discovery of Prayer connection during summer.......

During the summer I participated in one of Unity's small group classes titled "Creating a Life of Prayer". At the same time I also decided to finally start reading a book a friend had gifted me "Handle with Prayer" by Alan Cohen "Harnessing the Power of Prayer to Make Your Dreams Come Through".
As I was both reading the book and participating in the class, it dawns on me that Affirmative Prayer, which is what we do here at Unity, is the conscious application of the Law of Attraction. I had not yet connected the two until that moment.

There are two key aspects of Prayer that had me believing this.
1. That prayer is our communication to god or our source.
2. That we have faith that a god or source exists, that it is always at the receiving end of our prayer.

Prayer/Law of attraction Connection.....

Can you even imagine engaging in prayer, if you didn't believe there was some greater power at the receiving end of the prayer? No, we won't even bother. But we know there is, a power that is Omni present, in everything, everywhere, in the air we breathe, in every cell of our bodies, all around us all the time. There is nowhere it is not. It is always present, hearing every word and every thought. God never turns off!!
If this is true, as I believe it is, then all my thoughts are actually prayer.

Now, let's look at the Law of Attraction for a moment. It supports that there is a force, the responds to our thoughts and attention. It is always working, whether someone knows about it or not, or whether we are aware of it in the moment or not. It just is. It is the explanation how it is we experience that which we experience, so it too is active everywhere, at all times, through all!
This explanation of how we create in our lives, sounds a lot like how god operates through prayer, doesn't it?

Prayer is the conscious application of the Law of Attraction.

Example of Law of Attraction and god

As I was preparing for this talk Mother Teresa came to my mind. She was a woman who demonstrated every day how she always attracted what she needed as she traveled being of service wherever she could. She tells of this experience that I will share:

"One day in Calcutta a man came with a prescription and said, 'My only child is dying and this medicine can be brought only from outside of India.' Just at that time, while we were still talking, a man came with a basket of medicine. Right on the top of that basket, there was this medicine. If it had been inside, I would not have seen it. If he had come before, or if he had come afterward, I could not have seen it. But just at the time, out of millions and millions of children in the world, God in his tenderness was concerned with this little child of the slums of Calcutta enough to send, just at that time, that amount of medicine to save that child. I praise the tenderness and the love of God, because every little one, in a poor family or a rich family, is a child of God, created by the Creator of all things."

And this happens to us too. I'm sure you have experiences of when you needed something and suddenly, like magic it appears. Orsynchroncityy or coincident suddenly happens to make something come together for you.

This is such a beautiful demonstration of the real Secret to an abundant life, which I will share with you next.

Sometimes it works - sometimes not......

So how is it that sometimes what we ask for happens and sometimes it doesn't. And how is it that some people seem like they are really good at manifesting what they want and need while and others aren't so good at it, even though they ask?

What is the real Secret to creating an abundant life? Faith and Belief.......

As I asked myself this question, I thought about the people of the past that the movie referred to as having known the Secret; Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Edison.......
What did all these people have in common? I suspected that they did know something other that the Law of Attraction, the real Secret to an abundant life.

As I contemplated this I asked "what's been different in my life between the times when everything is flowing smoothly, everything has come together the way I want and the times when I've experienced disappointments, illness, set backs or what I may have viewed as a failure at the time.

What is it that has been missing during this time?

And a specific experience came to me, of when I was working at the Bank and I was really frustrated with my job. I had started off the new year by missing the first week of work because I had laryngitis - for the first time in my life. I also had an emotional breakdown at the same time. It was a rough week.

As I recalled this experience I realized that what wasn't present in the moment was my belief in me. I had also forgotten my faith all together.
Can you think of time when you suddenly lost your belief in yourself, in who you are at the core of your being, an expression of God/Source that can create whatsoever you desire in life just like every other person in the universe can.
Have you ever been in that state of mind when you've just forgotten the divine spark of light that you are?
And then suddenly, something shifts. It, whatever "it" is, becomes so painful - and you start regaining something..... maybe faith.
You suddenly start thinking there may be a way out or that something has got to change.

Your faith once again becomes evident.

Then you get an idea, of maybe something you can do or say. A belief in your ability to change or make a difference resurfaces and you start to feel stronger, alive, capable.
Have you ever experienced that? When you regain your belief in yourself, as someone who is capable of handling whatever it is life has thrown your way?

So now your faith has been restored as well as your belief in yourself to make a difference and everything starts flowing in the direction you want. It may still be a climb - and you know you can do it! Because you know you have the power inside to do it – what ever "it" is!
The truth is – you always have
And that is the real secret to an abundant life.
Faith that a power greater that us exists along and within us at all times just waiting for it's cue to attract whatever you want or need.
Belief that this power is in you, and that you with it can be, do and have anything your imagination can produce for you.
Believe in your dream! Your ability to be the one to bring them to fruition and the faith that the creative force, source, God power, is in you, present at all times, working through you to make your dreams come through!

That was the main difference in the men that were portrayed in the movie the Secret;
Beethoven, Alexander Graham Bell, Buddha, Joseph Campbell, Andrew Carnegie, Winston Churchill, Robert Collier, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Ford, Victor Hugo, Carl Jung, Martin Luther King, Isaac Newton, Plato, W. Clement Stone, Hermes Trisegistus.
They all believed in what they were doing, in themselves and had a strong faith in a Greater power within and all around - God......

Summing it up.....

Whenever life isn't flowing the way you'd like, remind yourself to Believe in YOU. Have Faith in the creative power within and all around you! Pray or think affirmatively for all you want to be, do and have. Open up to receive inspired directions from your source within and have faith that because there is a law of attraction, you will attract all that you desire. An abundant life is ours to live, for we live in an abundant universe, supported by universal laws that respond to our every thought and by an Omni Presence, Source, God.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Do We Create Our Reality?

Do we really.... really create our reality?

Have you ever approached a person who is experiencing a life threatening disease and attempted to "enlighten" them of the fact that they not only created their current state of health, but that can also create their miraculous healing - all they need to do is believe they can.

Telling someone they are responsible for their disease, or the happening of an unfortunate event, especially if they are not yet aware of the universal laws of creation, is an insensitive thing to do regardless of the "messengers" intention. Some people may tell you they just don't believe you, while other's may take it to heart and experience painful feelings of guilt, shame, fear and hopelessness. And then when they "try" every holistic health modality - accupressure, Reiki, visualization, affirmations, NLP, Meditation, Yoga, homoeopathy and so on - and continue to be ill or attract bad luck, they have to deal with the feelings of failure for not being "enlighten enough" to either heal or create better circumstances for themselves.
And thankfully, sometimes this piece of information inspires a person to commerce the inner journey to healing and congruence.

Last year I met an inspiring lady who had cancer in one of her lungs, as well as internal toxic poisoning from silicon breasts implants that had leaked throughout her body. This amazing, courageous lady, did everything and anything holistic as a means of managing and dealing with her health circumstance.

At her memorial service I looked through her accreditation binder which was overflowing with numerous certificates representing all of the health related studying she had completed over the years. She was a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki Practitioner, Integrated Therapy Practitioner, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis, homoeopathy, so much more as well as a Registered Nurse!

There was no way this courageous woman consciously created her disease. And many times I wondered whether her knowledge and recognition that somehow she had created her illness hindered more than helped her. During our many visits together, her frustration and disappointment in herself for not healing faster was evident. This can be expected in anyone's case, however her disappointment and frustration was often directed at herself. She was very hard on herself feeling that with all she knew, she should be able to heal herself.

It seemed to me that she had become disillusioned by all of her knowledge and this resulted in her not being able to really connect to the core of what was going on within her.

So back to my original question, do we really create our reality? Yes.

Are we doing so consciously? For most people No!

Can we learn to consciously create our lives - absolutely!

Everything we need to consciously create our reality is available to us, is within us and is part of us - the first step is to become aware of that fact.

There are numerous books written to inform us of the universal laws of creation and most of them provide exercises to help strengthen our manifestation skills. However, simply reading the information and practicing the exercise may or may not result in you being able to consciously create your life.
Learning to consciously create your life requires more conscious effort and discipline than simply following the instructions of visualization or affirmation techniques. You need to develop the consciousness that results in becoming a conscious creator. This involves forming empowering beliefs, aligning with your core values and maintaining positive, healthy attitudes including a healthy level of humility.

Becoming a conscious creator starts with a journey into yourself. By acknowledging that your outer experiences and circumstances are the result of your inner world, you will discover your participation in the creation of your circumstances. Then you can do something to change it. You need to be willing to delve within, to discover the connection between the creation of the outer and the experience of the inner, otherwise you risk becoming disillusioned by your ability to make some things happen, while feeling completely baffled by the other events that seem to "just happen". The mind is a very power tool - all of our thoughts create - including the ones we try to suppress or ignore.

Do what it takes to really get to know yourself. All of you. The parts you love and the aspects you'd rather hate or would rather pretend aren't there. Accept them all as is - that is the place to start. Then get into the visualization, affirmations, goal setting, intention setting and so forth. But first find out where you are now, only then can you begin the journey and find the path to where you want to be.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Is this the time for you to create a more balanced, fulfilling life for yourself?

We all have the ability to create our lives, to be at conscious cause of the effects of our life. Until you open yourself up to this truth, implement the mental and emotional disciplines, your experience of life is an effect impersonal causes.

My purpose in creating this blog is to share how I am continuing to evolve as a conscious creator in my life - in hopes of providing tools and inspiration for however reads this to open up to doing so as well.

We exist in an abundant universe.

If your life is not ideal - it doesn't HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!
You can BE, Do and HAVE ANYTHING your heart desires!

Hugs and love