Monday, December 31, 2007

Closing Exercise for 2008

Hi everyone - here is the exercise to complete in the closing of 2007.

In summary, part one is about reviewing the year. This is an opportunity to gain anymore insights or awareness’ possible at this time from the events of 2007. Part two is about releasing, forgiving and expressing gratitude for all of the events that made up 2007.

The exercise may take you from one hour to as much time as you need to complete.
You will need your 2007 journal, diary, day timer or agenda, (anything that will help jog your memory and help you review the year) pen and paper. Set yourself up comfortably creating a sacred environment for yourself. Light some candles, burn some incense and have some tea, wine or favorite beverage.

Part One
Review the events of the year and take some time now to gain whatever more you can from the experiences.
Starting with January of 2007 ask yourself the following questions and work your way forward to now.
  • What were the key events of 2007.
  • What did you learn as a result of these experiences?
  • Who was involved in your life this year and in what capacities?
  • What and who assisted in your growth this year?
  • What obstacles have you overcome?
  • What goals did you accomplish?
  • What goals did you set and did not yet accomplish? Are you complete with this goal?
  • Did you stretch beyond your perceived abilities - meaning do things you didn't think you could or would have done in prior years. (Yeah you!!)
  • How were other people impacted by your contribution to their lives over the past year?
  • Who are you now at the end of the 2007? Or how are “you” different from the you that was “you” in January of 2007?

If you are still feeling unpleasant emotions regarding the past events or the people who were involved, here are some methods to use in getting to the core issue.

1. Ask yourself what is still triggering you, what does the experience still have to teach you that you may not have yet recognized. See if you can now take a step back and look at the experience objectively, as if it happened to someone else. What might someone else have learnt from the experience? It may help to discuss the situation with someone who wasn’t involved.

2. Close your eyes, center yourself, take a few deep breathes, right from the diaphragm. Picture the person that you still have an emotion towards in your minds eye, or think of them and feel their vibration. Ask them “What other message(s) do you have to offer me?” Then go within and ask if there is a message you have for them. You may or may not feel to communicate this message to them prior to the end of the year. If yes - do so, by voice, in-person or by writing. If no, write it down and then tear it up or burn it.If you did get a message for them, ask yourself how this message could possibly assist you as well. (often the advise we get for others apply to us as well)

3. Close your eyes, center yourself, take a few deep breathes, right from the diaphragm. Go over the experience in your mind. Notice the emotions that are arising within you. Are you being reminded of any other past event? If yes, what are the similarities? Can you recall any events just prior to the one you are exploring? What you are doing here is making a connection to how you attracted the experience to yourself if the first place and possibly you’ll be able to recognizing a pattern you may be attracting. What you learn from the experience now, may assist you in not repeating the pattern again.

4. Write it out. Write out the experience and your emotions. While writing ask yourself questions to lead you to more understanding, such as; what does this emotion tell me about how I really felt? If I knew of another experience that had the same feeling connected with it, what might it be? What is it about the event that reminds me of a past similar event? How would I have interpreted this event without this feeling? Keep asking any questions that come up until no more answers come. If none of these work for, that is fine. It may be the divine time for you to be complete with the experience. Trust that and move on.

Part two
Once you have reviewed the year, you are going to acknowledge and record all that you are grateful for, and all you are ready to release and/or forgive. Include your accomplishments, goals achieved, growth stretches, and obstacles overcome.

Start writing:
I bless and release my experience of these events..............I bless and release or forgive (name of person) Thank you for your active participation in my life.

Also take this time to release any outdated beliefs or attitudes that no longer serve you.I bless and release my past need to (name aspect you are releasing) I am grateful that it has brought me to this point in my life.

Start by writing:
I am grateful for........ (brief summary of event)I am grateful for (name of person) and briefly why.
I am grateful to have had (name the impact of your contribution) impact on (person, people or system you impacted).

Once complete, if you are able to safely do so, burn the papers. If you are unable to do so safely, you can shred them by hand. You have just created space within yourself, having released the 2007 energy and now have room to fill up with your dreams and aspirations for 2008!
May you be the conscious creator of your life in 2008!